Hearing sound from a mobile phone is very important. This is because sounds help to guide us on a number of occasions. With different notifications on your mobile phone including ringing tones – when your phone is ringing, message tone – when you receive a text message, email tone – when you receive an email and instant messaging apps tones – when you receive an instant message from mobile instant messaging apps such as whatsapp and facebook, it is imperative that your speaker if functioning optimally at all times. These and the other uses of your speaker are the reasons why you should fix it at supercell, once you notice there is a fault with it.

What is a mobile phone speaker?

A mobile phone speaker is a component on our mobile phone that allows us to hear sounds from our phones. The sounds range from beeps, to audio speeches and music. Without speakers therefore, we would not be able to hear any sound from our phone except perhaps through the earpiece (which is a sort of speaker, but does not give loud enough sounds to notify us of messages and calls) or headphone (which also is not loud enough to notify us of messages and calls when it is not plugged to our ears and of course the part plugged to our ear is also a speaker).

Uses of the mobile phone speaker

  • Notifications: Arguably, the most important use of our mobile phone speaker is for notifications. This is the only reason why all telephones starting from fixed phones to the first generation of mobile phones that can only make and receive calls and text messages have speakers. For you to know when your phone is ringing so that you can pick it up as well as when you get a text message so that you can reply and / or act as necessary. The mobile phone speaker thus aids the phone in playing out the ring tone and message tones when you have a phone call and message respectively.
  • Hearing a caller: While the primary component for hearing a caller while making call is the earpiece, which is often different from the speaker of your phone, the speaker of your phone can also come in handy if you want to use it. This is because most phones have the feature that allows you to activate the speaker during an ongoing call and the sounds you hear transfers from the earpiece to the speaker in a louder format. This is most applicable when your earpiece has a fault, probably the microphone of the person at the other end of the phone has a problem and you can’t hear him loud enough from your earpiece as well as when you want other people present to hear what the person on the other end of the phone is saying.
  • Listening to music: Your speaker comes in handy when you want to listen to music with your phone. Your speaker plays the music out loud for you to hear.
  • Watching videos: When you are watching videos, you would need to hear what the characters in the video are saying. Your mobile phone speaker would aid in achieving this.
  • Listening to Lectures and speeches: If you have the audio version of a lecture or speech or other educative recordings, you could play them on your phone and hear them through your mobile phone speaker.

It is thus necessary that you ensure that your speaker is always functioning problem. When you have any problem with your speaker, you can contact supercell to help you fix it.

Speaker problems on mobile phones

There are a number of problems you could have with your mobile phone speaker. They are:

  • Total lack of sound: This occurs when you play a sound on your phone, you don’t hear a single thing. You would thus not be able to know when you have a call or receive a text and other instant messages, except you just notice your phone’s screen at that point in time and you see the light on. You would also not be able to hear a sound, if you should play music from your phone or other audios.
  • Reduced sound quality: There are also cases where you notice that your speaker is not as loud as it used to be when you initially bought it. In some cases, the sound might get very low that you can only hear it when you are very close. There are also instances where it makes funny noises and sounds, which you are sure is not a part of the audio or music you are currently playing.

These problems can easily be fixed at supercell.

Causes of speaker problems on phones

There are a number of things that can cause speaker problems on your phone. These causes could be as a result of:

  • Phone falling down: When your phone falls down with force, the speaker of your phone could be affected. This will cause your mobile phone speaker not to function properly anymore.
  • Water damage: Water can also damage the functioning of your speaker if you should allow water to touch components of your phone which makes the speaker to function. When water touches the speaker, there is also the tendency of reduced audio quality.
  • Prolonged use: When you use your speaker regularly to play music and other audios at maximum volume, the audio quality would tend to reduce over time.

supercell can fix your speakers in a jiffy, irrespective of the cause of the speaker problem.

Alternative to the mobile phone speaker

The major alternative you can use to your mobile phone speaker is the headphone. You can thus play your music and other audios through this accessory, while making plans to fix the speaker. This would mean your earphone always being plugged to your ears which is not feasible or advisable. You should thus send the mobile phone to supercell as soon as possible to help you fix the speakers.