Just like the name implies, mobile phones are phones that you could carry around anywhere you are going, making it mobile. Phones however require power to run. This implies that there need to be a source of power for it, when you are moving it around. Mobile phones make use of rechargeable batteries, which can store power for some period of time. The period of time depends on the battery capacity and the level of activity the phone was used for during that time. Irrespective of the capacity and level of activity, the battery would run down with time and would need to be charged. The charging port comes in handy in this condition. However, charging port problems can threaten the ability to charge your phone. supercell  are specialists in charging port repairs.

What is a mobile phone charging port?

A mobile phone charging port is a feature provided on all mobile phones where the charger of the phone can be plugged with the aim of supplying stored energy to the battery. Most mobile phone charges between a period of 1 to 3 hours. The charging period can however be prolonged, if the phone is being used while it is charging, especially, heavy usage.

Importance of the mobile phone charging port

The importance of the mobile phone charging port is as follows:

  • Charging of phones: Your phone needs to be charged regularly so that you can use it when you are out of the house or at locations where you cannot plug the phone. This could be because there is no electric socket close by or people are forbidden to charge phones in such environment. This also include when you are on the move, especially when you are not inside a car. The importance of charging of phones has made all modern cars to come with a facility that allows mobile phone users to charge their phones even inside of their phone. The mobile phone charging port thus help to keep your battery charged, so that you can use the mobile phone for a period of time before you would need to connect it to light.
  • USB Port: Majority of smartphones also use their charging port as the USB port for the phones. This implies that when you want to connect such phones to your computer, your USB cable connects to the phone’s charging port. You can subsequently carry out a wide range of activities such as backing up your phone’s files, contact and other information on the phone, copying files, pictures, videos and music from the computer to your phone as well as carrying out updates on the operating system of your phone. You can also use your computer, when it is connected to your phone to format and charge your phone. It is thus importance that your charging port is always functioning properly. If at any point in time it is not, you should locate supercell to help you repair them.

Faults your mobile phone charging port could develop

Your mobile phone charging port can develop a number of problems. They include:

  • Not charging your phone: There are cases whereby you could plug your charger to your mobile phone and it refuses to charge. This implies that as soon as your battery runs down, you would get stranded as you would not be able to charge your battery. Subsequently, you won’t be able to power up your phone and throughout that period, your phone would be as good as useless. It is thus a desperate situation an individual can find his/herself in, especially when you are expecting an urgent call or messages. Also imagine that you were going to a place you have never been and you would need to make regular calls for instruction. Then you notice you can’t charge your phone just before you leave, or you run out of battery before you got there and then you can’t boost the battery. This could become more frustrating if the person’s number is only on your phone, this means you can’t even borrow someone else’s phone to call the person nor the person having no number to contact you with at that point in time.
  • Slow charging of phone: There are cases where your mobile phone can take a considerably long time to charge. Probably a phone that initially takes 2 hours to get fully charged, now takes about 8 hours to get to 80 percent charge from 45 percent. When this happens, you would need to get it fixed as soon as possible.
  • Not connecting through the USB port: This is a case where your computer cannot read the phone when you connect it to your computer through the USB cable.

When you notice any of this charging port issues on your mobile phone, you can be sure that supercell can help you fix them.

Causes of mobile phone charging port problems

A number of things can cause a problem with your mobile phone charging port. They include:

  • Falling down: When you allow your phone to fall down, it could affect your phone’s charging port as it could shift it or remove it from its normal location. It could also result in the charging port getting broken. You would thus need to be careful as possible to avoid your phone falling down while you are using it. If you however notice a problem with your charging port after your phone falls down, supercell can help you fix it.
  • Water damage: Allowing water to splash or spill on your phone as well as dropping your phone into water can result in the damage of your charging port. When this happens, you should switch it off and send it to supercell for it to be repaired.

Alternative to charging port problems

Here are some temporary alternatives you could consider before you are able to send your phone to supercell for repairs. You could use industrial chargers to charge your battery when they are down. This chargers work by allowing you remove your battery and fitting in them. Your phone would however have to be off during this period. If you don’t have this and you have a friend or family member that has exactly your phone, or a phone that uses your exact battery type, you could use his phone to charge yours by putting your battery in his phone. This might however inconvenience the person.
As regards connecting to your computer to copy files and back-up, you could exploit other connectivity types such as Bluetooth and wireless, which most modern phones and computers support.