Taking pictures and video recordings not too long ago use to be a big deal as you would have to get a professional cameraman or videographer to take you pictures or do video recordings for you. The other alternative is to have your own camera, which were a bit expensive. There were however a lot of times when you might not be able to afford these services at that moment or the moment you wanted to snap or record was so short that before you would even get to a photographer, the opportunity to capture that perfect moment would have been long gone. The advent of cameras on mobile phone however got this problem solved. Despite getting the problem of having your own personal camera and snapping or recording videos anytime you want, the threat of faulty cameras still exist. supercell exist to solve this threat.

What is a mobile phone camera?

Cameras allow you to take still and motion pictures which you can later view of re-watch in the future when the events you snapped or recorded have long passed. The camera is an instrument of an optical nature, which can be locally stored and / or transferred to another device. The camera functions very much like the eye of a person. Mobile phone camera thus entails the embedding of this feature on a mobile phone.

Uses and importance of a mobile phone camera

The camera can be used to take pictures and videos.

Pictures: Pictures are still images that are captured in a digital or hard copy format. Cameras help in capturing this still image which can later serve as memories about an event that happens several years ago. A lot of people can thus still watch their graduation that happens decades ago or see their picture of when they were just a few months old as if it is happening again at that moment. A lot of people also got to know their late parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers and other relatives or friends of their relatives through picture. We still get to see photographs of some dead president and other prominent people such as inventors and people that made a mark in their field through pictures. The availability of cameras in mobile phones has made it possible to use your camera to take pictures which you can either leave on digital formats on your phone or print on hard copy from your phone.

Videos: Videos are pictures taken to the next level. As opposed to pictures that have a still image, a video consists of motion pictures which allow you to watch the images in the picture moving. What is more, videos also have voice, which are embedded in the video with the aid of the camera’s microphone. Mobile phones, through the aid of a camera and a microphone, allow you to capture videos you can later replay. Replaying the video in most cases, gives you the feeling of going back to that moment again. You can also capture videos of friends and close family members which you can watch when you are far away from them, or just to go back to a moment treasured moment you shared with them in the past.
This uses could however be threatened by a faulty mobile phone camera. You should however not despair as supercell would be glad to help you fix the problems.

Problems a mobile phone camera could develop

Mobile phone cameras are also prone to some faults that could make them not function properly. The faults include:

  • Camera damage: It is possible for the camera of a mobile phone to stop functioning and would thus not be able to take pictures. When this happens, activating the camera of the mobile phone would result in seeing just a dark patch on the screen, just like when you are snapping in a place without any form of light and flash. There are also other cases when the quality of the picture could reduce drastically, making the captured pictures and videos very blurred and frustrating.
  • Flash damage: Flash is a sort of light that comes besides the camera on most mobile phones that has a camera. The flash allows you to snap in the night and dark areas by providing light for the camera to capture the event. When your flash goes bad, you would not be able to snap clear pictures once the lighting is poor. This is worse in the night or in very dark environments as the camera might not even pick up any picture.
  • Virus attack or software problems: Your camera can develop a number of software problems that might stop it from working properly. Prominent amongst these software problems is a virus attack. This could result in the camera software not coming on at all. And when they come on, they might refuse to connect to the camera. When they connect to the camera, it might refuse to snap. And if it can snap, the pictures might not get saved. These software problems could thus be frustrating and make you unable to use your phone camera.

You should visit supercell if you have any of these problems on the camera of your mobile phone.

Causes responsible for problems a mobile phone camera could develop

A number of factors can lead to camera problems. They include:

  • Browsing the Internet: Using the internet requires careful use due to the proliferation of viruses on the Internet. When you are not careful, this virus could affect your devices including your mobile phone. They can subsequently affect mobile phone software including camera software.
  • Collecting files from an infected device: A virus can also attack your mobile phone if you receive files from an infected device. This could also affect your camera and stop it from working.
  • Allowing your phone to fall down carelessly: Carelessly allowing your phone to fall down could damage the camera of your phone and make it unusable.
  • Water damage: Water can also damage your mobile phone camera, if it touches the parts of the panel that controls your mobile phones.

All of these causes of mobile phone camera problems can be addressed by supercell .

Alternative to using a mobile phone camera

There is no direct alternative for capturing pictures and cameras on your mobile phone once it is faulty. This is the more reason you should send it to supercell as soon as possible. The best option you would have however, is borrowing that of a friend in the meanwhile, and then you could transfer through whatsapp or any instant messaging app that allows picture transfers, Bluetooth, Wireless or mail amongst others.